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Marking systems. Glue Applicationsystems. Automation.

Office: 620144, Yekaterinburg, str. Hohryakova 104 - 315


RWS Techniks company performs delivery and installation of RWS equipment (manual and automated systems) for the application of adhesive, insulating and sealing materials. RWS Techniks company provides all-inclusive service of equipment installed as well as delivery of componentry and spare parts. RWS Techniks gives training for operators and maintenance by its own program.

To place an order for delivery of RWS equipment need to contact the staff of RWS Techniks.

Office: 620144, Yekaterinburg, str. Hohryakova, 104, office 315
Telephone: +7 (343) 385-13-14
FAX: +7 (343) 385-13-14 ext. 300
Address for correspondence:
Russia, 620075, Yekaterinburg, P.O.B. 73